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Full of performance,musicians and LOVE #freudenberghain

18:00 - the night officially begins!
Bar is open, menu is here, dj's are playing music, some fire is burning outside to enjoy the autumn air. There is a glass of champagne included in a ticket for you to have some sparklings inside before we start to go deeper through the night. While you are choosing the table, pay attention to your neighbors: who are sitting next to you? Maybe it's a Devil itself, who drinks whiskey side by side with you?

19:00 - perfomances start!
We invite you to join our journey through the mysterious world of Schloss Freudenberg. The walls of the old castle have a lot of secrets, a lot of stories to tell.
We invite you to have a look what is behind the curtain. The story begins in the foye of the castle and then you will be leaded through the night. Here you can take a journey in the darkness, be invited to meet the Devil, to look into the eyes of your fears, suddenly the Ukrainian meditative songs appears and make a space full of vibrations.

What else can happen? Let's meet and see.
Get your ticket now: tickets.schlossfreudenberg.de/de/shop/mysterybar-freudenberghain/date


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Wir leben in Zeiten des Wandels. Natur, Klima, unser Zusammensein, Kultur, WIR wandeln uns.

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