Sa, 14.08. 16:00 Uhr

Ein Fest auf dem Berg:

ab 16 Uhr im Schlosspark

Shelter from the storm

Der Freudenberg verwandelt sich in einen Sommernachtstraum.

Ab 16 Uhr gibt es Konzerte, Workshops und DJs.

Details folgen in Kürze, aber ein Ticket könnt ihr euch heute schon sichern.

Bisher bestätigt:


Cigarra -
R.Vincenzo -
Saeko Killy -

Eddy Hernández

Jonas Hühne

MIMIK Kollektiv



Polkageist -
Inner Echoes -

Dazu gibt es Workshops, Diskussion, Aktion!:
Climate Summer School (Students For Future, Mainz & Fridays For Future, Wiesbaden)


Über Voodoohop:
VOODOOHOP is an outlandish art collective born from a series of underground parties. Djs, performers, dancers and visual artists together create a multi sensory tropical cabaret. Brasilian traditional heritage mix with ritualistic performance. Nomadic in nature, the collective transforms spaces from abandoned buildings to natural hideaways. Always experimenting Voodoohop is in constant flux.

Ágatha Barbosa (a.k.a. Cigarra) is a DJ, producer and label manager that grew up in the dense underground scene of São Paulo and participated in the effervescence of its parties and festivals as well as in the original formation of the renowned Voodoohop and co-producer of Roda de Sample Project, a live and experimental "sample jam". A decade ago, she explores unique sets, and from this experience creates her own sound cocoons. In 2016, she released the EP "Límbica", and in 2018 "Ato" by Tropical Twista Records, a label where she is also the director of the exponent of the female compilation Hystereofônica, which has two volumes and more than 60 women involved has just become an independent label with a monthly program on Radio Quântica at Lisbon.

In her sonorous landscapes and productions, she immerses herself in the research of sample appropriation (plunderphonics and copyleft) unveiling a popular, peripheral, contemporary, queer and global culture. Brazilian rhythms and from many distant parts of the world join in a contagious set of hypnotic and seductive frequencies, ranging from global bass to downtempo. All her potentialities and her focus on female expression inspire a legion of women singing singles on their track. His speech and engagement also make it an important reference for the current underground Latin American electronic scene.

*Saeko Killy
Born and raised in Tokyo, Killy now travels the world, sharing her deep passion for music to audiences from South America to Europe. With roots as a techno DJ, she began to experiment with slower tempos, mixing 90’s-00's breakbeat, experimental jazz, world music and dub music.
Becoming part of the Voodoohop family from Brazil allowed her to dive even further into her musical tastes, incorporating slow house and tropical psychedelia into her already extensive repertoire. With all of these influences, Killy’s experience allows her to create a gentle and consistent musical narrative that always keeps her listeners on their toes. Since leaving Japan, she now calls Berlin her home and played from big festivals, such as Fuji Rock and Garbicz Festival, to hip underground parties at tropical waterfalls in Brazil.

R Vincenzo is a music producer from são paulo, brazil. His work focus on live sample, slicing and editing, combining together a wide collection of sounds and beats from different backgrounds.
His peculiar performing style and techniques was quite influenced by 'baile funk' universe (brazilian popular electronic scene), using the machines for repetition, vocal percussions and hipnotic collages. fresh & live.
Founder of Roda de sample project, live-composition and experimental 'sample jam', and co-founder of Glitch Baile (cyberpunk party and label).


Über Polkageist:
Polka, Balkan, Ska und Punk mischen sich bei Polkageist zu einem vibrierenden Sound: laut und multikulturell, mal dreckig, mal sanft und mit viel Charme. Mit guten deutschen Texten und ungehöriger Tanzbarkeit bauen die Lieder von Polkageist eine Brücke für eine weltoffene, vielseitige Kultur, die auch Hörer erreicht, die sonst nicht so viel mit Musik aus Osteuropa oder Ska anfangen können. Geprägt ist der Sound der Band von der Multikultur des Nachwende-Berlins, einer Welt, die zu verschwinden scheint: Es geht rückwärts durch die Geisterbahn.

Über Inner Echo:

Das Duo Inner Echoes ist eine lebendige und interessante Symbiose verschiedener musikalischer Einflüsse. Jeff und Caro nehmen dich mit auf eine Reise, die geprägt ist von Elementen der World-Music, südamerikanischer „Medicine Vibes“ und immer wieder Stimme. Mit Instrumenten wie Gitarre, Didgeridoo, Handpan und Shrutibox singen ihre Lieder von der Verbindung zur Erde und vom Leben, Lieben und Wachsen in all seinen bunten Facetten.


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